Tinsley Meister is the youngest of the three Meister kids that completed our family.  She is so loving and brings so much joy to our family despite all the challenges she has had to face through her 11 short years.
During my pregnancy, the doctors had concerns with how her brain/head was growing and developing.  I still remember sitting in the OBGYNs office right after the doctor told me their concerns crying my eyes out while the sweet nurse held my hand.   Being a working mom of 2 young kids life was busy and I eventually had to go on partial bed rest.
Tinsley was born on December 14, 2011 on time with no complications.  By her third month of life we were starting to discuss various therapies she needed.  Little did I know we would be introduced to some amazing therapists that I now consider family and could not imagine our life without them.  Tinsley would eventually be diagnosed with hypotonia – low muscle tone throughout her body.   Her sweet little body could not do all the things it needed to sitting up on her own, crawling or walking.   The amazing OT and PT worked tirelessly to get her stronger.  We met those milestones eventually but well after the “standard”.  To walk we did need a walker but once she figured out how to do it she was off to the races!  It was also clear that she was delayed in her speech and began speech therapy as well.   She is nonverbal but does have her own language with lots of babbling.  Her favorite words are Mom and Go.  Hearing her say anything is the most beautiful thing ever. 
During the first few years of her life we were seeing a lot of doctors to get the diagnoses we needed to provide her the best support possible.  By the time she was 3 we received our autism diagnosis which opened a lot of doors for more support and ABA therapy.   This diagnosis led us to another amazing woman who works with several children on the spectrum at a small organization called the Little White House (thelittlewhitehouse.org (http://thelittlewhitehouse.org/)).  This place has been a true gift from God.  Tinsley has exceeded expectations all because of the LWH.  I don’t know where we would be without this place! 
During this time we were also seeing the doctors at Greenwood Genetics.  At this point there is not a clear genetic diagnosis for her.  She has a couple of genes that are missing pieces but typically children with similar issues are missing multiple pieces on one gene or the other – not one from each gene.  This is typically unique Tinsley –  different from the rest. ­­­­­­  With genetics always changing maybe some day we will have a name for her genetic condition. 
Finally and probably most significant is that Tinsley also has a seizure disorder.   We are on several medications to try to control but it is always on our mind about what might cause a seizure.  When we were getting the seizures under control we spent several nights in the hospital at various moments.  We have had some “fun” along the way with these stays like when Miss Mississippi came to visit when were in Jackson, MS seeing family.  We also had the Furman basketball team come visit at GHS.  We are so appreciative to our doctors who finally have her seizures controlled enough where we no longer have to go to the hospital when we have a seizure. 
Despite all of this, Tinsley greets everyone with a big smile and wave.  When she laughs, she laughs with her whole body and makes everyone around her laugh.  God has shown us so much through Tinsley and brought so many amazing people into our life.  The love the entire Greenville community has shown for Tinsley is truly amazing!  Tinsley has brought our family so much closer than we could have ever imagined.  She truly completes our family and has shown us how to be strong and love deeply no matter the situation.