KIND Events

What is a KIND Event?

Our goal at KIND of the Upstate is to promote inclusion and acceptance of all individuals. We strive to educate and encouage others to be inclusive while nururing all forms of differences amongst their peers through our events. We would love the opportunity to come to your business, school, or organization for 30 minutes to an hour to conduct an educational lesson. To ask questions about a specific event or to learn more, please contact us.

Types of KIND Events


for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students

Lunch & Learns

for businesses and organizations

Educational Events

Inclusive Family Gatherings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a KIND event?

A KIND Event caters towards various group settings and educates them regarding disabilities, kindness, and inclusion. KIND focuses on preferred language, how to address differences with others including children and how it’s okay to ask questions even as adults. KIND hopes to provide knowledge and education on how to best approach differences and remind adults differences are everywhere and can be easily explained with the right language.

Who do KIND Events cater towards?

KIND Events can be catered for young adults, adults or adults plus children.

Where does a KIND Event take place?

A KIND Event can take place in a multi-purpose space.

How long is a KIND Event?

The duration of a KIND Event can vary but at least 30 minutes to a max 1 hour.

What is the tyical size of a KIND Event?

The size of a KIND Event can vary depending on need.

What educational discussions does a KIND Event entail?

KIND Events include a PowerPoint presentation which can discuss a variety of topics such as:

  • How KIND of the Upstate was formed
  • Introducing disability to your child and helpful tips to encourage discussions regarding disabilities
  • Preferred language
  • How to continue the disability conversation at home
  • How to interact with a person with a disability
  • Discussion of KIND Days and KIND Curriculum used
Is there a financial obligation to host a KIND Event?

There is no cost to host a KIND Event.

Are there any requirements to host a KIND Event?

Yes, please allow 6-8 weeks notice prior to the KIND Event date requested. A space equipped for a presentation is also needed. 

How do I schedule a KIND Event?

Please email us at

Do you have a question that was not answered above?

Please email us at