Tinsley is our beautiful 12 year old girl who was diagnosed with autism when she was 3.  Tinsley has many physical limitations as well as demonstrating many behaviors that are associated with autism.   Her biggest challenge is being nonverbal and stemming when she gets excited.

Being diagnosed with autism was scary. In 2015 when she was diagnosed there was not as much acceptance and understanding about this diagnosis as there is now – at least that is the way it felt to us.  We were veteran parents by this point having two other kids so we thought Tinsley would be more of the same.   God of course had different plans.   We have had lots of curve balls with Tinsley but through the love and support of doctors, friends and family we have been able to navigate them all.

Even though we were terrified and had so many questions when she was diagnosed, it opened up a number of other services to help her navigate this world including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.   After she was diagnosed, our beautiful OT introduced us to Lu Grant and a small organization called the Little White House ( This organization takes principles from ABA and Montessori Education to help these children to become as successful as possible in school and day to day living. Tinsley is achieving things we never thought possible because of Lu and this precious place!  

Regardless of her diagnosis and the challenges that comes with being autistic, Tinsley brings more joy than our family could have ever imagined.  God knew what we needed as a family when he gave us Tinsley! What is even more amazing is to see our older kids’ friends and family love her as much as we do. 

April is Autism Awareness month.  An autism diagnosis can be scary for parents.  The reality is 1 in 36 children will be diagnosed with autism (per the CDC, 2023).  For anyone who has a family member with this diagnosis, know you are not alone.  Even with all the challenges there is also so much joy you can find in these amazing humans!

It truly takes a village.  We could not do this without all our people!  Thank you to all our family, friends, therapists, doctors etc.  We could not do it without each one of you!

The amazing police department in Fountain Inn is holding their annual Superhero 5k for Autism race on April 27th.  Proceeds from this event support Friends of the Little White House.  If you are interested REGISTER TODAY.