April 13, 2021 my phone rang and it was THE call- we had been matched to a birth mom in Arkansas who was 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl with Down syndrome.  We had been working with the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network for about 6 months. We quickly bought everything pink in sight and began making our travel plans for June. After months of paperwork and prayers, and a few weeks in the hospital, we were finally able to bring Peyton home to meet her brothers, Emmitt (7) and Rowan (5). The love for their sister was immediate and we have been navigating life with three kids ever since! Peyton has three holes in her heart that will require surgical correction, and we are hoping to have one closed before this summer. She is crushing her different therapies and is already watching everything her brothers do. She can’t wait to run around with them! Peyton has brought more joy to our lives than we could have ever imagined. We have gained not only a daughter, but a new perspective on life as well as a community of other lucky families full of love and support.  Although my husband and I specifically felt called to adopt a baby with Down syndrome, we had no idea of the blessings this journey would give us. Our goals for Peyton are the same as our other children. We celebrate her disability, but do not let a diagnosis set her expectations. We make sure to surround her with people with and without disabilities who believe in what she can do. Although we have a few medical mountains to climb, we feel anything is possible for our Peyton!  I am often asked why we adopted a baby with Down syndrome and my response is always the same- why not? Peyton’s life is just as worthy as any other life. Peyton is seven months old and smiles, rolls over, babbles, loves butternut squash and apples, sleeps through the night, and is super close to sitting up on her own. She is not a fan of peas or bath time! We are humbled and honored to be raising Peyton, and will forever be grateful to her birth mom for choosing life for her. Whatever God has in store for Peyton, we know it will be good and we can’t wait to see His plans unfold!