Hi, my name is Louden and I was born with cerebral palsy. Having CP over the course of my life has made some things difficult but has never stopped me from living my life and creating who I want to be. My CP has caused me to use a lot of energy completing physical tasks like walking, running, and playing sports which made me fatigued and uncomfortable. CP has also taken a toll on me emotionally making me feel doubt that I could never have a “normal” experience. Despite this I’ve experienced life in a wonderful way. In high school I ran cross-country despite my CP, aiming to be a inspiration to my team. However the message I want to leave you is this: Having CP didn’t stop me from making friends, running cross country in high school while pushing through the pain, achieving academic accolades, and now going to college! And it certainly won’t stop me from continuing to do ambitious and challenging things most would think were impossible for someone like me. So if you or someone you care for is at a crossroads in life, read this and remind yourself of what is truly possible!