Callahan’s story is nothing short of a miracle and proof that God is all ways in control. My pregnancy was pretty normal, but I had some minor issues that our OB was not too concerned with until I went in for an ultrasound at 24 weeks (at our 20week anatomy scan little girls hands were covering her face – check #1 for God), I was told my water had broken and I was in labor. Had it not been for this I would have delivered Callahan in Target. The team was able to keep Callahan in my belly for 5 more days and that’s when our whole world changed! Delivery was quick and easy and she made her debut on May 2nd at 1lb 2oz – this was the only thing quick and easy about our hospital stay.

Callahan spent 146 days in NICU, 69 days on the ventilator, 2 major infections, 2 eye procedures, countless X-rays, echos and sedation medicine. We were told she had incurred major brain damage due to the oxygen requirements and would probably have Cerebral Palsy. Obviously I did what any type-A mom would do and immediately went crazy on Google, joined countless Facebook groups, signed up for every research organization and asked the drs where we needed to move. I learned that there’s no cure and Greenville has everything we need to help her. We were heart broken but we knew that we would give her the best shot at living a healthy and fulfilling life. God chose us to be this little girls cheerleader and advocate.
Callahan came home in September and was immediately in physical, occupational and feeding therapy for 4 months. Then in February came the diagnosis we had been waiting for – Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. Again, heart broken. But we got it together, called the Meyer Center that day and knew that if anyone could help they could! By the grace of God we got in.

While Callahan might be extremely delayed on hitting her milestones, we know one day she will get there. And even if she doesn’t, oh well! We can help her walk, help her eat and help her experience all life has to offer!! We are still learning every day that God is in control and even if the outcomes aren’t what we want that He’s got a plan.